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Why ipTexter?

Other applications can send SMS texts from my iPod®...
...why choose ipTexter?

A dedicated phone number to receive texts (and replies)

ipTexter is the only iPod® SMS application to give your iPod® its own dedicated phone number so your friends can text you, and reply to your messages just like a normal phone.

Messages are free to receive on your ipTexter number.

Free Messaging to other ipTexter Users

All text messages sent to other ipTexter users are totally free. So encourage your friends to get ipTexter too!

FREE Pod-to-Pod Messaging Number

Every ipTexter user gets a free number for use by other ipTexter users to text them from their iPod. This number doesn't allow texting with phones.

Secure Messaging

ipTexter works over a secure HTTPS connection - just like online banking, so your messages won't be read by that nerdy guy with the laptop in Starbucks...

A familiar interface

The ipTexter interface works in a very similar way to the SMS application on Apple's iPhone - so you'll feel right at home.

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