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How it Works

We allocate a unique, real mobile phone number for your iPod® Touch so it can send and receive secure SMS Texts over WiFi.
What phone number will I get?
Every user receives a free "Pod-to-Pod" number which can be used to communicate with other ipTexter users.

We can also allocate "real" phone numbers allowing you to send - AND RECEIVE text messages with real phones - using just your iPod Touch.

Our Classic ipTexter phone numbers are all standard UK-based "virtual" numbers on the Vodafone network, for example, 07785 123456. They can receive text messages from phones around the globe.

** NEW ** We also offer an ipTexter LITE product with half the monthly cost of the ipTexter Classic numbers. These are able to receive from UK mobile phones only.

Can people reply to my message?
Of course - once you have an ipTexter number, people can send messages to your number, and they will appear on your iPod® Touch. When you send a message it'll be sent from your ipTexter number, so your friends can simply hit "reply" and text you straight back.
Do I need to be online to receive a message?
No - just like when a phone drops out of coverage, we'll hold your received messages on our message server until your ipTexter application checks in with us.
Can I make phone calls on my iPod® too?
At the moment, ipTexter is a text only service, but we are working on some cool features in this area. We'll add them automatically to your ipTexter menus when they are ready!
How much does it cost?
  • Incoming texts are free.
  • Outbound texts are 5p each.
  • ipTexter Classic numbers are £7.99 a month.
  • ipTexter Lite numbers are £3.99 a month (UK ONLY).
  • Pod-to-Pod messaging is free.
  • How do I get it?
    Visit ipTexter.com with your iPod® Touch, and follow the instructions to create a free account. It comes with 5 free messages to try out the service, and when you're ready you can add an ipTexter number to your account to receive messages!
    Other Questions?
    Contact us and we'll be glad to help! You can also contact us for free from your ipTexter by sending a text to special number "100". We'll reply right to your ipTexter account!

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