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ipTexter Pricing Information

Having a phone number on your iPod® Touch costs less than many
"real" mobile phone plans!
Sending Text Messages 
- Sending a text message to a phone (worldwide)£0.05 / text
- Sending a Pod-to-Pod message to another ipTexter userFREE
Receiving Text Messages 
- Dedicated phone number to receive texts worldwide£7.99 / month
- Dedicated phone number to receive texts from UK£3.99 / month
- Receiving a text from a phone or iPodFREE

£0.05 is 5 UK pennies, or approx 5.8 eurocents. We bill in pounds but your credit/debit card provider will automatically convert to your local currency.

An ipTexter number is a real, unique, individual phone number. Give your number to your friends and they can text your iPod® as if you were using a standard phone!

Are text messages FREE?

Some apps are offering so-called "free texts". They're usually US-based, and don't have direct connections with cell networks like we do, but send messages by email through the email-to-text service offered by a handful of carriers.

Messages sent like this are unreliable, subject to delays and filtering, and can only reach a few carriers in the US. In many cases companies using "email-to-text" this way are in breach of the carrier's terms of use, and messages are subjec to blocking and filtering - so you can never be sure your message will arrive.

Can I have free texts?

If you want "free texts" please go ahead and try out a "free text" service. When you decide you'd rather know your texts will actually be delivered, or if you want a real phone number for people to text YOU - we'll still be here.

How much do free texts cost YOU?

Even at minimum wage in the US or UK, 30 seconds of your time to type the message are worth MORE than the cost of sending that message through ipTexter! If you're going to spend your time typing texts, isn't it worth knowing they will actually reach their destination?

Remember ipTexter offers one low price for texts worldwide, and your message credits NEVER expire - you are free to use them any time.

Benefits of ipTexter over so-called "free text" services

  • Dedicated incoming number for incoming texts - just like a phone
  • One low price (5p) - no international fees - no roaming fees
  • Fast, reliable delivery to 500 networks WORLDWIDE
  • Direct connections to multiple mobile networks worldwide
  • Message bundles can be used any time
  • Messages don't expire until used
  • Voice calling coming soon!

    ( * Receiving text messages in ipTexter requires an ipTexer number. )

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